Poucher and Big Guy’s Little Book of Big Ideas

Poucher & Big Guy’s Little Book of Big Ideas has been a long-held dream for Kate Anderson, the well-known Australian artist, and her collaborator and author, Arthur Charles.

Between them they have created The Adventures of Poucher and Big Guy, a series of Australian adventure books for children which have been read and enjoyed by children all over the globe, including Australia, America, Africa, England, Europe and in particular China.

Kate and Arthur have read their stories to children in schools and bookstores in most of those countries. In doing so, it has become clear that children all over the world are familiar with and have an abiding fascination with Australian animals such as kangaroos, koala bears, wombats and many more. Poucher, the kangaroo hero of the stories, has become a much-loved friend in many parts of the world.

Kate’s involvement with art in China commenced with a residency with the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing in 2006, and has continued since that time. She has studied and exhibited in China and Hong Kong throughout this period.

Kate has been aware of the Chinese fondness for proverbs and, equally, the fascination which Australian animals holds for children throughout Asia. Her vision has been to combine these passions in a book, which draws on her illustrations, presented in the languages of both China and Australia, so that the children of these nations can enjoy the merging of their two cultures.

The world of education, and language teachers in China and English speaking countries, will find her vision something which will bring pleasure to children as they learn. Poucher & Big Guy’s Little Book of Big Ideas is the product of Kate’s dream.